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                  Chequered Flag Price List 


Here at Chequered Flag Driving School I offer a great package for your money.


Standard Driving Lessons (Must Hold a Jersey Provisional Licence)

£45 for 1 lesson
£305 for 5 lessons 
£500 for 10 lessons 
£790 for 15 lessons 
£985 for 20 lessons 



Please note that I do vouchers for 5, 10, 15 and 20 lessons for Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation or any other occasion throughout the year.

I also offer refresher and Theory and Hazard Perception lessons too for the same prices as above.

Payment can be made in various ways either through cash, bank transfer or using my Sum-Up machine. Unfortunately I won't be accepting cheques anymore. 

Please NOTE when arriving for your Theory/Perception or Driving Test you will need to be there at DVS 15 minutes before the TEST starts. BE ON TIME.



                            Chequered Flag Testimonials


"Feeling awesome, no nerves and felt confident on all areas on the test. Clear on everything I needed to know and we smashed all areas of the test leading up to the test"

Reiss F.


"Really happy to pass my test thank you Andy for your perseverance teaching me" 

Billy G.


"Over the moon and cannot thank Andy enough for all his help and patience. Strongly recommend Andy for anyone looking to learn in a patient enviroment. Thank you again"                  

Anna L B.


"Very chatty, postive, great information, lovely personality,knowledgeable"

Patrycja M.


"Over the Moon (Extactic is the Word) Fantastastic and Refreshing, Andy is the Best" 

Joseph M.


"I really enjoyed learning with Andy. He also always stayed super calm and was very kind"

Hannah G.


"I feel very proud thanks to the amazing instructor Andy"

Nadia S.


"So glad I went with Chequered Flag, Andy is very knowledgeable and is the best teacher! So happy i've passed"

Fraser B.


"The best trainer you can have, Andy is supportive and helpful. Highly recommend"

Prince P.


"Thank you Andy for not giving up on me, 5th time lucky!! Happy to be the first girl of 2024. :) Thank you Andy"

Sian C.


"Andy has been an amazing person. He has given me confidence and reassured me that everything is possible!! I totally recommend Him"

Shainne H.


"Thank you Andy for helping me achieve getting my license with 4 lessons "

Nikita V.


"'Thank you Andy For helping me with preparing and eventually passing my test!"

Elwyn J.


"I'm really pleased I passed my test, and very grateful to Andy "

Philip L.

























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