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Please see list of Handouts that are available to borrow, copy and return. Please not 4 handouts max per student. Thank you.

Please make a note of which codes you would like and let me know on your lesson.


H3: The Cockpit Of The Car

H6: The Driver

H7: Traffic Signs

H8: On The Road

H9: Junctions

H10: Manoeuvring

H11: Defensive Driving

H12: Driving On Motorways

H13: All Weather Driving

H14: Driving At Night

H15: Basic Maintenance

H16: Breakdowns

H17: Accidents And Emergencies

H18: Eco-safe Driving And The Environment

H19: Avoiding And Dealing With Congestion

H20: Towing A Trailer

H21: Vehicle Security

H22: European Driving 

H23: Automatics and 4WD

H24: Things To Remember

H27: MSM & PSL

H29: Feeding The Wheel

H34: Getting The Licence And Taking The Test

H36: Driving Test Breakdown

H40: Things To Remember

H42: The Functions

H43: Reversing 

H44: Driving Tips

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