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Driving Knowledge


Please note on your lesson bring with you a valid provisonal licence.  If you have passed your Theory Test please remember to bring your certificate to your next lesson. Thank you.



  • Pulling off
  • Stopping
  • Feeding the wheel
  • Checking mirrors
  • Nice gear changes
  • Lane discipline
  • Steady hands



  • Knowing road signs
  • Knowing buttons and switches
  • Knowing under the bonnet
  • MSM and PSL



  • Hill start
  • Reversing
  • Emergency stop
  • Quiz
  • Test ready


On the Open Road

  • Dry - 2 secs gap
  • Wet - 4 secs + gap
  • Ice - 20 secs + gap
  • See tyres when stopped behind another vehicle
  • Checking mirrors every 5 minutes
  • Signal when going over broken white lines in the road
  • Check your rear (middle) mirror before traffic lights
  • Change gear before or after the traffic lights
  • Weather conditions
  • Going uphill - Lower gear
  • Going downhill - Higher gear
  • Feeding the wheel
  • Avoid dry steering
  • Progressive braking


Challenge One: The Long and Winding Road

Challenge Two: The Snake

Challenge Three: The Rollercoaster

Challenge Four: Thai and Sea

Challenge Five: Golden Oldie

Challenge Six: Down into the Valley

Challenge Seven: The Classic

Challenge Eight: Lucas Bros

Challenge  Nine: Only The Horses

Challenge Ten: Queen Victoria



F  L  O  W  E    R    Y

U  I   I   A   L    U    

E  G  L  T   E    B     U

L  H      E   C    B     R

     T      R   T    E      S

     S            R    R     E

                    I             L

                    C            F




X = Crossroads

T = T-Junction

O =Roundabout

Y = Y-Junction

S = Staggered Juntion





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