Chequered Flag Driving School
Chequered Flag Driving School


Here at Chequered Flag I offer a great package for your money.


£30 for 1 lesson
£140 for 5 lessons 
£260 for 10 lessons 
£370 for 15 lessons 
£480 for 20 lessons 


Please note that I do vouchers for 5, 10, 15 and 20 lessons for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion.

I also offer refresher lessons too for the same prices as above.





                            Chequered Flag Testimonials


"Andy was a great teacher, very patient with me with so many helpful suggestions from his insightful observations. He was was great fun to be around as well. Would definetely recommend!"

Alex B.


"Emotional, amazing experience, great advice. Thanks for all your help for helping me pass first time :)" 

Kyle D.


"I am so happy to have passed third time luckily! Thank you so much Andy!!!"                  

Shannon M.


"I'm very excited I passed. Andy is a great teacher it only took 12 Lessons"

Zara M.


"Thanks You're the best You'll be always remembered thanks" 

Nelio C.


"Having Andy as my driving instructor I felt comfortable and confident with my driving as He was very through with everything that I needed to know and I would recommend Him to anyone looking to pass their test!! :)"

Jessica M.


"I'm very very happy! Andy was so gentle, patient and great fun. He ensures you know absouletely everything necessary in an enjoyable way to give the reassurance you need.

I really appreciate His hard work and joyful spirit. Thank You Andy"

Lucy D.


"Absoulety Ecstatic, over the moon, thank you Andy for getting me through this. Speechless!!

Happy to have passed"

Graham G.


"Over the past few months I have formed a friendly relationship with Andy, and I must say He is a great guy. Happy to pass first time"

Harry S.


"Very satisfied and a big sigh of relief. Very happy :)"

Nicole R.


"From my first lesson to the last Andy made me feel very comfortable and enjoyed every lesson with him. We had a laugh and very imformative and gave all the correct advice. I would strongly recommend Andy as an  instructor"

Lyndsey G.


"Over the moon, so happy i've passed, Thanks for all your help getting me here"

Conan H.


"Glad it's finally over! Feeling chuffed"

Alexandre S.


"So so happy. It was a long but it is worth it. Thanks Andy for all the help, encouragement and advice. I made it and I am over the moon. Only God"

Daniel L.

























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