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Price list for 2018


Here at Chequered Flag I offer a great package for your money.


£28 for 1 lesson
£130 for 5 lessons (£26 per lesson)
£250 for 10 lessons (£25 per lesson)
£350 for 15 lessons (£23.33 per lesson)
£450 for 20 lessons (£22.50 per lesson)


Please note that I do vouchers for 5, 10, 15 and 20 lessons for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion.

I also offer refresher lessons too for the same prices as above.


Testimonials from passed students


"Thank you for all the time and effort given to pass my test"

Robert S.


"The parking went ok, but pulled it off at the end. The driving was easier than I thought it would be" 

William M.


"Thank you I doubt I would've been able to do it without your help! Thank You"                  

Jodie B.


"So happy to pass :) and thank you to Andy for all your help"

Claudia K.


"Thanks You're the best You'll be always remembered thanks" 

Nelio C.


"Having Andy as my driving instructor I felt comfortable and confident with my driving as He was very through with everything that I needed to know and I would recommend Him to anyone looking to pass their test!! :)"

Jessica M.


"Thank God that's done, thanks Andy"

Lottie C.


"Finally it's done! Thank you Andy for all the support it's all paid off. Brilliant!!"

Chris B.


"Unparalled guidence, Andy taught me the right way with accuracy and patience, Thank you very much"

Sam S.


"Andy was very helpful plus taught me to drive safely and tested my Theory knowledge which was very helpful on the test. I'm very pleased I passed first time!! Thanks Andy"

Jasmine H.


"Pleased I passed my test, thanks to Andy's encouragement plus knowledge"

Zoe W.


"Andy was exceptional made my driving look easier. I would recommend Him anyday and rate Him highly"

Confidence M.


"Beautiful thing"

Janis M.


"Andy is a great instructor thank you!"

Sean C.

























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