Chequered Flag
Chequered Flag 

Driving Knowledge



"Pulling off"


"Feeding the wheel"

"Checking mirrors"

"Nice gear changes"

"Lane discipline"

"Steady hands"



"Knowing road signs"

"Knowing buttons and switches"

"Knowing under the bonnet"

"MSM and PSL"



"Hill start"


"Emergency stop"

"Test ready"


On the Open Road


"Dry - 2 secs gap"

"Wet - 4 secs + gap"

"Ice - 20 secs + gap"

"See tyres when stopped behind another vehicle"

"Checking mirrors every 5 minutes"

"Signal when going over broken white lines in the road"

"Check your rear (middle) mirror before traffic lights"

"Change gear before or after the traffic lights"

"Weather conditions"

"Going uphill - Lower gear"

"Going downhill - Higher gear"

"Feeding the wheel"

"Avoid dry steering"

"Progressive braking"







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